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Trump Wants 'All Voting To Stop.' The Constitution Says Otherwise


Article II of the US Constitution specifically gives the states the right to administer their own presidential elections. Specifically, it says 'Each state shall appoint, in such manner as the Legislature thereof may direct' its presidential electors. President Donald Trump said Wednesday morning that 'we'll be going to the US Supreme Court,' and 'we want all voting to stop.' But according to CNN commentator Elie Honig, Trump's statements oversimplify and misconceive how elections work and how the courts function. The United States of America has 51 separate and different systems for elections: one for each of its 50 states, and one for the District of Columbia. Furthermore, the federally mandated 'safe harbor' period gives states time to complete vote-counting and certification processes. In 2020, the period goes until December 8th. Congress must accept any state results certified by that date.

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