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Rome's Galleria Borghese museum reopens


The Galleria Borghese museum in Rome, famed for its Bernini statues, reopens after more than two months of lockdown. It's the first museum in Rome to reopen as Italy gradually reopens public spaces under strict health guidelines as the country slowly eases confinement measures. IMAGES

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    Rome (Italy), 3 June, EFE, (Camera: Jorge Ortiz).- Italy is allowing free movement between regions and opening its borders to European Union countries as of Wednesday, after almost three months of closure due to the pandemic. FOOTAGE OF LEONARDO DA VINCI AIRPORT, FIUMINCINO. INCLUDES SOUNDBITES BY DANIELA, COLOMBIAN PASSENGER AND IVAN BASSATO, OPERATIONS MANAGER OF LEONARDO DA VINCI AIRPORT (FIUMICINO).Translations: Daniela: "Less than a week ago it was confirmed that we can travel and before Saturday already." Ivan Bassato:"As of today, the Italian government has decided to remove some truly important limitations on the freedom of movement of people. Specific motivations such as professional, health and emergency reasons for moving within the country and the European Union are no longer required. We do not have many more flights than in previous days, but we see that there are more passengers because passengers can obviously move around more freely. We hope that during June there will be a progressive increase in these numbers, but we are still far from returning to how things were before the pandemic.""The current conditions would surely not allow us to manage the traffic levels we were managing last year in June. Fiumicino airport in June last year managed almost 1000 flights a day during the summer peak, almost 150,000 passengers. Today we will probably have about 10,000. We believe that with the current rules it is possible to grow by about 50 per cent of those numbers."

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