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Bangladeshis celebrate Goddess Durga symbol of women power on 2nd day of festival


Dhaka, Oct 23 (EFE/EPA).- Hindu devotees in Bangladesh on Friday marked the second day of the festival to worship the goddess Durga. The main days of the five-day-long Durga Puja this year falls between Oct. 22 and Oct. 26.The five-day-long celebration marks the homecoming of Goddess Durga, one of the major deities in the Indian pantheon of gods and goddesses, and her victory over the forces of evil. Clay models of the goddess - who also symbolizes female power - flanked by her two daughters and two sons and a slain demon at her feet, are worshipped during the festival. (Camera: MONIRUL ALAM).SHOT LIST: BANGLADESHI PRIEST PERFORMS RITUALS AT A MAKESHIFT PANDAL ON THE SECOND DAY OF THE DURGA PUJA FESTIVAL IN DHAKA, BANGLADESH.

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