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Czechoslovak playmobil explains how to fight COVID-19 to children


Prague, Apr 9 (EFE/EPA).- To help the little ones understand the coronavirus pandemis, the company that makes "Igrácek", the Czechoslovakian brother of playmobil, has launched a limited edition of toys wearing masks.(Camera: MARTIN DIVISEK)FOOTAGE SHOWS TOYS FROM IGRACEK IN PRAGUE, CZECH REPUBLIC.SOUNDBITES: ZBYNEK CECH, MARKETING MANAGER OF EFKO-KARTON (IN CZECH)TRANSLATION:(2:47 - 3:19) "Igracek is a legendary Czechoslovakian toy, now Czech, that originated in the 1970s. Many believe that Igracek is an imitation of Playmobil, which is not true. Playmobil and Igracek are brothers, they have the same creators."(3:20 - 4:03) "Society and companies mobilized forces, they started sewing masks and we wondered how to contribute to our production and help doctors and paramedics. We thought about creating an Igracek with a protective mask, and we donated part of our sales to buy protective equipment for our emergency services."

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