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Donny Come Lately: Trump Arrived Too Late To Be Tested Before Debate


Fox News anchor and moderator of Tuesday's presidential debate, Chris Wallace is blowing the whistle on President Donald Trump and the Trump family. Wallace said Trump and his family did not arrive in Cleveland early enough to get tested for the coronavirus before the start of the debate. There was an honor system when it came to the people that came into the hall from the two campaigns. Chris Wallace On Friday morning, Trump announced he and first lady Melania Trump were diagnosed with the novel coronavirus, COVID-19. Wallace said that despite having agreed to wear masks throughout the debate, the Trump family removed theirs shortly after sitting down. Trump's opponent, Former Vice President Joe Biden and his wife, Dr. Jill Biden, have both tested negative for the virus. Trump is currently being treated at Walter Reed Military Hospital. He will make no further public appearances until further notice.

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