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How Electric Cars Can Save Billions On Energy


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    Ford, BMW, Hyundai, Toyota, Audi… car manufacturers around the world are betting on electric cars as they introduce new models at the Los Angeles Auto Show. "Consumer demand is growing for electrified vehicles," says Pieter Nota, a member of the board of management of BMW, who introduced the Mini Electric model which will be available for the US market.

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    Markets Insider reports that Morgan Stanley has slashed Tesla's price target for the third time this year. Morgan Stanley analysts speculate that investor concerns over Tesla's financial strength may hit employee morale and affect customers' perception of the brand. Morgan Stanley's opinion comes just days after Tesla's first-quarter delivery results did not meet analysts' expectations, resulting in a downturn of the electric car maker's stock. Morgan Stanley lowered its price target from $260 to $240 a share, implying a 13% drop from Friday's closing price.

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    According to Business Insider, a Tesla "demand crisis" has developed on Wall Street. Analysts are worried that Tesla demand is fading — but they're mistaking demand for demand growth. Tesla's growth already has the company in a commanding position in the US luxury market — the company completely dominates the highly profitable luxury EV space. In the short term, analysts reckoning with their overly bullish demand prediction could contribute to negative sentiment about Tesla's stock.

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    According to Gizmodo.com, "Tesla is closing its brick-and-mortar stores so it can drop the starting price of the Model 3 to $35,000. The vehicle maker will shift worldwide sales online—first in North America, then globally—in an effort to cut costs and meet payment promises." CEO Elon Musk said in a statement, published by The Guardian, “This is the only way to achieve the savings for this car and be financially sustainable. It is excruciatingly difficult to make this car for $35,000 an be financially sustainable.”

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