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Norway’s chain of Arctic Svalbard islands is trying to promote scientific research in a shift from the coal-mining which has been a backbone of the remote economy for decades.

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  • Climate Change: Top scientists finalizing UN report amid extreme weather worldwide

    As scientists finalize a long-awaited update on global climate research, recent extreme weather events across the globe have been startling: Historic rains and deadly flooding in central China and Europe. Dramatic heatwave in Canada, and tropical heat in Finland and Ireland. The Siberian tundra ablaze. Monstrous U.S. wildfires, along with record drought across the U.S. West and parts of Brazil. While climate modeling has evolved over the decades, scientists are still trying to determine how climate change will manifest in the years to come. Dr. Sharon George, Lecturer on Environment and Sustainability at Keele University, explains that we're already witnessing, in real time, "what climate change looks like." Dr. George points out that for years "scientists around the world have warned" of the impending dangers of climate change across the globe, and now "the frequency of these (severe weather) events is increasing and the severity is increasing as well." And while we're making strides, transitioning to cleaner forms of energy, Dr. George warns that "we need it to happen faster: every single molecule of CO2 that we put into the air will stick around for 100 years, doing its damage. Every day that we waste, talking about these things and not taking action is going to have a long-term effect. So we need fast action." Dr. George strikes an optimistic tone in her belief that we all have reason to be hopeful for our capacity to come together and rise to this global challenge. The worldwide response to Covid-19 has "shown us that we can adjust our behavior on a massive scale very quickly... whole nations changed their whole working patterns and behaviors to deal with a global combined problem to find a solution. And I think that gives us hope."

    28/07/2021 - France 24 EN
  • And the Top Spot for Global Hemp Production Goes To ... China?!

    Cannabis production is quietly but steadily flourishing in a country where illegal possession of hemp or cannabis can carry the death penalty - China. The production is done under extreme supervision as scientists control every step of the process. Chinese hemp production has slowly but surely grown to account for over half of the world's legal output. The Asian giant produces and processes about 44,000 tons of legal hemp products annually, more than any other country.

    19/10/2017 - RT Ruptly EN
  • China to open giant telescope to international scientists

    Nestled among the mountains in southwest China, the world's largest radio telescope signals Beijing's ambitions as a global centre for scientific research. The Five-hundred-metre Aperture Spherical Telescope (FAST) -- the only significant instrument of its kind after the collapse of another telescope in Puerto Rico this month -- is about to open its doors for foreign astronomers to use, hoping to attract the world's top scientific talent.

    16/12/2020 - AFP EN
  • This Devilish Creature Is Stronger Than Any Armored Tank In The World

    Scientists wondered how a teeny-tiny beetle could get smashed under a Toyota Camry and walk away without a scratch. According to Business Insider, the diabolical ironclad beetle, or phloeodes diabolicus, can have something 39,000 times its own weight stomp on it--and still survive. That superhero-level ability is due to hardened casings on each wing that interlock and support the beetle's exoskeleton, like a 3D jigsaw puzzle. The researchers found three different types of connections, called lateral supports, between the top and bottom halves of the beetle's exoskeleton. An analysis of the beetles' hardened casings on top of each forewing shows that the shields can deform under enormous weight without losing their shape. Better, stronger planes and armored vehicles could be designed by mimicking the interlocking nature of these protective layers.

    23/10/2020 - Wochit
  • UN warns Earth 'firmly on track toward an unlivable world'

    Temperatures on Earth will shoot past a key danger point unless greenhouse gas emissions fall faster than countries have committed, the world’s top body of climate scientists said Monday, warning of the consequences of inaction but also noting hopeful signs of progress. UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres said the report by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change revealed "a litany of broken climate promises” by governments and corporations.

    05/04/2022 - France 24 EN
  • World's First Game of Thrones Academic Conference Tackles Issues Through Fantasy

    The world’s first Game of Thrones academic conference kicked off at the University of Hertfordshire's de Havilland campus in Hatfield on Wednesday, exploring women, sex, and murder in the show. About 30 researchers, including scholars from Brazil, Australia, Denmark and New Zealand, will present their papers at the conference.

    07/09/2017 - RT Ruptly EN
  • Chinese scientists create "world's first" cloned Arctic wolf

    Ten months after a 16-year-old Arctic wolf died at a zoo in northern China, a new cub was born through cloning technology. Using a beagle dog as the gestational carrier, Beijing-based Sinogene Biotechnology claimed they had successfully cloned an Arctic wolf, the "world's first" of its kind.

    21/09/2022 - AFP EN
  • Scientists create the world’s first 'synthetic' embryos without using sperm or eggs

    The ability to create embryos from stem cells without eggs or sperm is revolutionary, but for many, it also raises ethical question marks.

    05/08/2022 - Euronews EN
  • ‘Top Gun: Maverick’ World Premiere Interviews With Tom Cruise And More

    'Top Gun: Maverick' stars including Tom Cruise, Miles Teller, Jon Hamm, Jennifer Connelly, Charles Parnell, Glen Powell and Greg Tarzan Davis, plus filmmakers Joseph Kosinski and Christopher McQuarrie, and musician Kenny Loggins chat about the long-awaited “Top Gun” sequel at the red carpet for the world premiere of the film on the USS Midway in San Diego. #TopGunMaverick #TomCruise #TopGun SUBSCRIBE to CinemaBlend's channel HERE - https://www.youtube.com/cinemablend For the latest entertainment news and analysis go here: Movie News:  http://www.cinemablend.com/news.php/ Movie Reviews: http://www.cinemablend.com/reviews/ TV News: http://www.cinemablend.com/television/ Celebrity News: http://www.cinemablend.com/pop/ Superheroes: http://www.cinemablend.com/superheroes/ Movie Trailers & Film Clips:  http://www.cinemablend.com/trailers/

    06/05/2022 - CinemaBlend
  • Tom Cruise walks the red carpet of the "Top Gun Maverick" world premiere in San Diego

    Thirty-six years after the original, Tom Cruise unveils the much-expected "Top Gun" sequel on an aircraft carrier in San Diego, ahead of its premiere at the Cannes Film Festival, later this month.

    05/05/2022 - AFP EN

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