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How To Get Rid Of Belly Fat | Danielle Peazer Compilation Workout


We've picked some of our favourite Danielle Peazer workouts from the past and put them together into the ultimate flat stomach workout for you guys. It's a tough one, but the results will be worth itICON UK is a brand new channel in the ICON network. It’s your ultimate lifestyle destination for fashion, beauty and wellness.All ICON UK talents’ opinions are their own.Hair and make-up by L'Oréal ParisWatch the channel trailer: http://bit.ly/1DgfaWEFollow us:http://facebook.com/iconnetworkukhttp://twitter.com/iconnetworkukhttp://instagram.com/iconnetworkukFollow the ICON UK family:http://bit.ly/MichellePhanYThttp://bit.ly/DaniellePYThttp://bit.ly/SunbeamsJessYThttp://bit.ly/KaushalYThttp://bit.ly/MelanieYThttp://bit.ly/SarochaBYTFollow our friends in the USA:http://youtube.com/ICONnetworkhttp://facebook.com/ICONnetworkhttp://twitter.com/ICONnetworkhttp://instagram.com/ICONnetworkICON is a lifestyle network by Michelle Phan.YouTube: http://bit.ly/MichellePhanYTFacebook: http://bit.ly/MichellePhanFBTwitter: http://bit.ly/MichelleTweetsICON UK is a new channel in the ICON network, brought to you by a team of amazing YouTubers including Michelle Phan, Danielle Peazer, Sunbeams Jess, Kaushal Beauty and Melanie Murphy. It’s your ultimate lifestyle destination for fashion, beauty and wellness.Our Icon girls will be sharing all their fashion secrets with get ready with me videos, lookbooks, style guides and more.You can find amazing make up tutorials, hair tutorials and beauty trends videos.But beauty also comes from within! You can watch our girls talk about well being, give motivational pep talks and chat about body confidence as well as healthy recipes and work out videos. Our girls have pretty much everything covered!Subscribe and stay tuned for new videos every Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday.DisclaimerNot all exercises are suitable for everyone. The following exercise program may result in injury. Before attempting a new exercise, consider issues including your flexibility, strength and overall health. Consult a fitness expert before attempting the program. If at any point during the program you begin to feel physical discomfort, stop immediately and consult a physician. Endemol is not responsible for any injuries you sustain from participating in this exercise program.

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    A beer belly may seem difficult to get rid of, but with the correct habits, it is possible for anyone to do.

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  • Postmenopausal Women With Excess Belly Fat At Higher Risk For Premature Death

    Having excess belly fat could be a life or death condition for women who've reached menopause. According to UPI, postmenopausal women with a body mass index between 18.5 and 24.9 inches with a high waist circumference are at risk. Women with a waist measurement of 88 cm (34.64 in.) have a higher risk of dying compared to those with normal BMI and no belly fat. The new research aligns with previous studies that show belly fat is linked to higher risks of cardiovascular disease, which can lead to death. Belly fat can also lead to insulin resistance, which past studies have linked to increased cancer risks.

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  • Belly And Thigh Fat Linked To Aggressive Form Of Prostate Cancer

    Researchers have discovered that having a lot of fat in the belly and thighs may put men at a higher risk for an aggressive form of prostate cancer. UPI reports that the new study conducted by Harvard's T.H.Chan School of Public Health found that visceral fat in the abdomen and subcutaneous fat in thighs are both linked to advanced and fatal prostate cancer. The researchers say diet and exercise to lose fat may lower the risk of developing prostate cancer.

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