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Newly elected President of Argentina speaks after taking office


Buenos Aires, Dec 10 (EFE).- Newly elected president of Argentina, Alberto Fernández, offered a speech on Tuesday before a crowd gathered in the iconic Plaza de Mayo of Buenos Aires.(Camera: GABRIEL CASAL)FOOTAGE SHOWS CROWD GATHERED TO LISTEN TO NEWLY ELECTED PRESIDENT ALBERTO FERNANDEZ IN THE ICONIC PLAZA DE MAYO IN BUENOS AIRES, ARGENTINA.SOUND BITES: NEWLY ELECTED PRESIDENT OF ARGENTINA, ALBERTO FERNANDEZ AND NEWLY ELECTED VICE PRESIDENT CRISTINA FERNANDEZ (IN SPANISH).Translations:Alberto Fernandez:00:00:31,01 - 00:01:01,17: "Those who are having a bad time today, those who lost their jobs, those who fell into the pit of poverty, the boys who cannot go to school: do not fear. They will be the only privileged in the Argentina that starts today and we will direct all our policies towards them".00:01:10,10 - 00:01:30,15: "We will join our efforts so that never again a plate of food lacks in the house of an Argentine. We are going to end hunger, which is something that should embarrass us. Knowing that there is an Argentine going hungry is something that should embarrass us".00:01:36,12 - 00:01:45,10: "We will banish forever those who speculate, those who win with the financial timba (gambling game) to the detriment of all Argentina".Cristina Fernandez:00:01:52,04 - 00:02:22,06: "You, president, have a very hard task ahead of you. You have been left with a devastated country, scorched earth. But I know that you have the strength and conviction to change this ugly reality that Argentines are living today. Have faith in the people".

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