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Sex party organizer says never seen Hungarian politician before


Brussels, Dec 2 (EFE), (Camera:Leopoldo Rodríguez).- The owner of an apartment that hosted a lockdown sex party that grew into a scandal when it emerged that it had been attended by József Szájer told Efe Wednesday that he had never seen the Hungarian politician at one of his gatherings before.Szájer, a member of the hardline Fidesz party of prime minister Viktor Orban, resigned as MEP just before news emerged that he was caught fleeing a sex party involving 24 other men in Brussels.He was one of the architects of Hungary’s 2011 constitution, which described marriage as being between a man and a woman.David Manzheley said it was the “first time” he had seen Szájer come to one of his events.SOUNDBITES OF RÉMY BONNY, LGBTQ RIGHTS ACTIVIST AND RESEARCHER.

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