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Fox News Weekend Host Blasts Social Distancing Guidelines: 'Absolute Garbage'


The tone on a panel for Fox Business Network show 'Outnumbered' took a decidedly harsh tone on Wednesday. According to Business Insider, some guests began trading memes and mocking banter about COVID-19 restrictions in some states. But then, former State Department spokeswoman and Democratic operative Marie Harf brought them up short. It's not a joke, first of all. A bunch of people are dying every day in this country from coronavirus. Marie Harf Former State Department spokeswoman Weekend 'Fox & Friends' co-host Pete Hegseth wasn't having it, calling social distancing restrictions 'absolute garbage.' When the rules are so ridiculous, they go out the window. People ignore them, as they should. Pete Hegseth Co-host, 'Fox & Friends' weekend edition

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