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Twitter To Transfer Presidential Accounts On Inauguration Day


Added on the 21/11/2020 11:19:12 - Copyright : Wochit

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    Twitter has reportedly been banning more than 1 million accounts a day as the micro blogging website continues to battle fake and abusive profiles after coming under heavy criticism from users.

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  • Details of Obama Inauguration Letter to Trump Revealed

    According to reports, Donald Trump has shown Barack Obama's letter to him on inauguration day to Oval Office visitors and others visiting his private White House residence. It has become customary in the US for outgoing presidents to leave letters for their successors with every president doing it since George H.W. Bush wrote one for Bill Clinton.

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    President Donald Trump's campaign is still seeking donations from voters, even though Trump himself has all but admitted he lost to Joe Biden. But donors should know that 75% of every contribution is now being routed to Trump's newly-established leadership PAC, Save America, up to $5000. Anything over $5000 goes to Trump's Recount Account. Also, 25% of all donations go to the Republican National Committee. These funds could be used to finance Trump's life--or his legal bills--or his family's legal bills-- after he leaves office. It could even go toward a possible 2024 presidential bid. And according to Business Insider, all of these would be legal. Despite the Trump administration's decision to begin the transfer of power, Trump's personal plans for life after January 20, 2021, remain unclear.

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  • Is The Bromance Between Trump And Fox News Over For Good?

    Possibly referring to himself as 'the Golden Goose' that had been forgotten, President Donald Trump on Thursday ratcheted up his attacks on Fox News. The president regularly tweets Fox News clips of guests or hosts praising him. He's also been critical of the Rupert Murdoch-owned network. Trump and Fox News have blown hot and cold together over the years. However, when Fox named Joe Biden president-elect, it seemed to be the last straw. According to Business Insider, Trump retweeted several regular Twitter users' complaints about the network--and registered his own. A few said they wanted to switch from Fox News to Newsmax, a less widely distributed but more explicitly pro-Trump network.

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