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Myanmar protesters back on streets after internet blackout


Yangon, Feb 15 (EFE/EPA).- Myanmar's internet was restored on Monday morning after a nationwide blackout overnight and as protesters resumed their demonstrations against the military junta that took power on Feb. 1.In Yangon, protesters held up placards outside the Central Bank alongside military tanks and vehicles as soldiers set up barricades.Troops and armored vehicles were deployed across the country Sunday after a week of mass protests and a widespread civil disobedience movement that has severely impacted government services. (Camera: LYNN BO BO).SHOT LIST: PEOPLE GATHER TO PROTEST AGAINST THE MILITARY COUP OUTSIDE THE CENTRAL BANK IN YANGON, MYANMAR.

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    Yangon, Feb 15 (EFE/EPA).- Myanmar residents on Monday resumed their protests against the military junta that seized power two weeks ago, emerging from a long night during which the country's internet was shut down and armored vehicles appeared in the streets of some cities.In Yangon on Monday, protesters held up placards and walked among military trucks full of soldiers who had earlier set up barricades. A man dressed as Batman stood on the roof of a vehicle holding a sign saying: "End the dictatorship." Another protest was held outside the Chinese embassy.Residents continued to demand the release of President Win Myint and de-facto leader Aung San Suu Kyi, who was charged on Feb. 3 with illegally importing communications equipment and is believed to be under house arrest in Naypyitaw. (Camera: LYNN BO BO).SHOT LIST: ANTI-COUP PROTEST NEAR THE NATIONAL LEAGUE FOR DEMOCRACY (NLD) HEADQUARTERS AND STAFF MEMBERS OF THE NATIONAL LEAGUE FOR DEMOCRACY (NLD) GREET DEMONSTRATORS THROUGH BUILDING WINDOWS DURING AN ANTI-COUP PROTEST AT THE NLD HEADQUARTERS IN YANGON, MYANMAR.

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