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Belarusian opposition leader says Lukashenko is power-sick


Minsk (Belarus), Mar 14 (EFE) .- (Camera: EFE) The Belarusian opposition launches a national and international campaign against the president, Alexandr Lukashenko, which includes new protests, a referendum and sanctions against the considered last dictatorship in Europe.FOOTAGE OF THE INTERVIEW WITH PÁVEL LUTASHKO, OPPOSITION LEADER IN BELARUSTRANSLATION "To this day, unfortunately, we must verify that in Belarus there are not 300 political prisoners, as human rights organizations say, but thousands, tens of thousands of Belarusians retaliated for political reasons. At this time (since August 2020 ) 35,000 people have been arrested, according to data from the Interior Ministry. "Translation 2: "In this period nine people have been killed on the streets across Belarus. Many people have suffered physical harm. 1,800 have filed complaints about torture in detention centers and prisons."Translation 3: "Lukashenko is taking some timid steps and trying to create the illusion of change to meet the Kremlin's expectations. But really, we must understand that this person (Lukashenko), like any dictator, wants to stay in power until the last day of their life".Translation 4: "In our possession there is a secret document ordering members of the police, the KGB and the Army to form mobile brigades to crush the protests this spring. That is to say, once again, Lukashenko orders to the Army to participate in the repression of peaceful protests. "Translation 5: "That is, the extermination of the Belarusian people takes place. And Europe? Europe is in solidarity. Can solidarity be the only instrument for action? Why has a high-level group not yet been created in the EU for the beginning of the dialogue with Moscow and Minsk for the solution of the situation in Belarus? Why has the European Union not yet adopted sanctions against the regime, its portfolios, policemen, prosecutors, members of the security forces who torture Belarusians? "Translation 6: "Seven months have passed. And, so far, no real instruments of pressure on the regime have been adopted. Lukashenko, as a person, is afraid. But he only fears the strong, a strong partner or actor. The EU can and should be that strong actor. Using all the instruments of pressure, personal against Lukashenko and all his relatives. "Translation 7: "The citizens of Belarus have the right to self-defense. On March 25 we will celebrate an act that we will call" For Freedom "that will be related to a historical date for the People's Republic of Belarus (anniversary of its short-lived independence from the Russian Empire in 1918). Of course, Belarusians who take to the streets, and not only in Minsk, but also in other cities, take risks. The authorities are preparing provocations. They have already reported the discovery of TNT and weapons. All that is propaganda. " .

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