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More women in the Prado museum thanks to the last lesson of a generous teacher


Madrid, Mar 22 (EFE). (Camera: Raúl García) .- In 2016, the Prado Museum received the surprise that an ordinary citizen, Carmen Sánchez, a teacher and art lover, donated all her assets in order to buy paintings. Fifteen acquisitions are the result of that unexpected generosity, all the works cover historical gaps and also add two new women artists to their payroll.FOOTAGE OF THE NEW WORKS AT THE PRADO MUSEUM IN MADRID

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    Madrid, Jul 6 (EFE), (Camera: Raúl García Cabo) .- The Prado Museum reorganizes its 19th-century collection with a “more complex, rich and varied” proposal that increases the number of women, foreign authors, and new formats, in one of the "most ambitious" interventions undertaken by the art gallery in the last decade, according to its director Miguel Falomir.FOOTAGE OF THE NEW 19TH CENTURY COLLECTION OF THE PRADO MUSEUM IN MADRID.

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