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Cultural workers occupy Odeon theatre in Paris protest


In Paris, a few dozen professionals from the cultural sector enter the Odeon theatre, which they intend to "occupy all night long" in protest against Covid closures. IMAGES

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  • Paris Odeón Theatre, epicentre of cultural sector protests

    Paris (France), March 11 (EFE), (Camera: Antonio Torres del Cerro).- "We will stay as long as necessary," say the occupants of the iconic Parisian Odeón Theatre, which has started a wave of protests by theatre workers across France.For a week, about 50 people have spent the night at the Odeon to protest against the coronavirus restrictions that have forced the sector to close. FOOTAGE OF THE ODEÓN THEATRE IN PARIS. SOUNDBITES OF PHILIPPE GAUTIER, REPRESENTATIVE OF THE SNAM-CGT UNION: "We will stay as long as it takes. We have received support across France, several theatres in the country have been occupied, we have received support from political figures... We will be here until victory."

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  • Artists occupy the Globe Theater in Rome and demand help

    Rome, Apr 14 (EFE) .- (Camera: Álvaro Padilla) The Globe Theater in Rome has been closed since October due to the pandemic, like the other theaters in the country, a difficult situation that has pushed artists and technicians to occupy it asking for help: "We will stay as long as necessary," they promise. FOOTAGE FROM THE GLOBE THEATER IN ROME OCCUPIED BY ARTISTS.SOUNDBITES BY ACTOR RICCARDO PIRETTI AND CARLOTA PROIETTI. TRANSLATION:Riccardo Piretti-We do not ask for the reopening of the theaters, we want it to happen when it can be for everyone and without leaving behind the smallest and most independent. -What we ask with this action above all is to open a time to be able to propose a structural reform of the entertainment sector since the pandemic has exposed all the great problems that already existed before. -Continuous income with which workers can maintain themselves especially in moments of work discontinuity. -For a year that we have been mobilizing, we have created a network of entertainment workers that has created several mobilizations during this year and this is the last action we have proposed. This action today, also imitated in theaters in Milan (north) and Naples (south) that have already occupied several theaters. -We want the institutions to be on our side, because the fight makes sense if we all do it together. -Today's action is made especially to all the people who for various reasons have had a blank year of work, an unfortunate year, who have worked a little less in 2019 and who today are absolutely without any type of amortization , so this gesture is above all for them. Carlota Proietti:We got a little scared because we didn't know anything and we didn't know the intention. Obviously we sympathize with what they say because we are also show workers.

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  • Paris musicians put on concert in front of occupied Odéon Theatre

    Artists, musicians and many temporary or short-contract workers who depend on cultural events for a living have seen their work stopped because of COVID restrictions.

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    Jusque-là, seules les discothèques et les épiceries de nuit devaient proposer des éthylotests à leurs clients. Cette obligation va bientôt s'étendre à tous les magasins qui vendent de l'alcool. Mais Julien Chivé, caviste bordelais, n'est pas vraiment convaincu. "Je trouve que ça ne sert pas à grand-chose. Les gens savent bien qu'après deux verres, il faut s'arrêter si on veut reprendre la voiture. Et les clients rencontrés ce jeudi matin ne voient pas non plus l'intérêt d'en acheter. "Ca me semble absurde", lance l'un d'eux. "De toute façon, après deux verres, on sera positif, donc c'est à chacun de se gérer", explique un autre.Dans l'épicerie de Virgine Matheron, à Talence (Gironde), il est difficile de trouver une place pour les éthylotests. La gérante doit enlever des produits et envisage surtout des coûts supplémentaires. En effet, dans le supermarché Carrefour City, qui en commercialise depuis un an, ces produits ne sont pas très populaires. "On en a vendu trois en un an", confie le gérant. Près de 50 000 commerçants devraient proposer des éthylotests à partir du 1er juillet, sous peine d'une amende de 675 euros.

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