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Muted New Year's celebrations bid farewell to 2020


Berlin, Moscow, Vienna, Paris, Jan 1 (EPA-EFE).- The coronavirus pandemic has forced traditional New Year's Eve celebrations to be cancelled as millions of people around the world said goodbye to 2020 from behind closed doors, away from large crowds.FOOTAGE OF NEW YEAR'S IN BERLIN,MOSCOW,VIENNA, PARIS.

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    Berlin (Germany), Dec 31 (EFE / EPA) .- (CAMERA: Clemens Bilan) Germany is preparing to say goodbye to 2020 on a night marked by restrictions to stop the coronavirus pandemic that in the last 24 has left 32,552 new infections and 964 deaths related to the disease in the country.

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    Cities in Oceania and Asia welcome the new year, with different apporaches to festivities taken depending on the current status of Covid-19 in a territory. Crowds pack Auckland, Wuhan, Pyongyang and Taipei, while Bangkok has fireworks but no crowd - a precursor for New Year's celebrations to follow in other Covid-hit parts of the world.

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  • UK's Boris Johnson says Britain must 'bid farewell to division' in New Year's message

    Johnson promised 'no more elections, no more referendums' in 2020.

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