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What To Do With Old Gaming Console


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  • Microsoft Announces Project Scorpio, 4K Gaming Xbox One

    On Monday, Microsoft made a huge announcement regarding the future of their Xbox One console. Earlier in the day, a "slim" edition of the Xbox One was announced. When the company's E3 presentation concluded, they went on to reveal Project Scorpio. Project Scorpio will be an Xbox One console which allows gaming in 4K, the highest quality of high definition available today. Xbox One games, controllers, and other accessories will be fully compatible with the 4K gaming console.

    14/06/2016 - Wochit
  • Games on the Apple Watch and Apple TV Have failed

    Mobile gaming is huge. Hit game, Angry Birds, recently soared into theaters. As for who’s leading the charge, well, while the Android gaming ecosystem is just fine, Apple’s App Store is arguably the more prestigious mobile gaming marketplace. So, why can’t Apple replicate that success on its other platforms besides iphones and ipads? Let’s start with the Apple Watch. It wasn’t instantaneous, but it didn’t take too long for iPhone game developers to figure out how to apply what they learned to the iPad and its larger screen. The tiny Apple Watch touchscreen called for its own totally new kinds of game design, but a year later the market just hasn’t delivered. Maybe if the Apple Watch was more successful developers would be more motivated to create quality games for it. That doesn’t explain the failure of Apple TV games, though. The Apple TV remote was a cool controller that combined buttons, a touchscreen, and motion sensors, but why was there no official traditional gamepad from Apple? Why did we have to rely on poor third party Bluetooth controllers. Meanwhile, the games themselves didn’t demonstrate the increase in scale and production value you’d expect from a console game, even a casual one. It also lacked the breadth of mobile gaming to mitigate the lack of depth.

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  • Nintendo launches 3DS portable games console

    E3: Nintendo unveils its 3D gaming handheld

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  • Nintendo's Switch Console Is A Best-Seller

    Nintendo's Switch is an outrageously popular gaming device. The Switch console is more than three years old and has sold over 68 million units. According to Business Insider, the games for the versatile platform are selling like gangbusters. Many titles have already sold over 20 million copies. 2018's "Super Smash Bros. Ultimate" and 2020's blockbuster "Animal Crossing" game are fan favorites. The best-selling title game for the device is "Mario Kart".

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  • BMW Operating System 9 Controller-Based Gaming

    The optional “BMW Digital Premium” offering allows BMW customers with BMW Operating System 9 to access an extended range of products from the BMW ConnectedDrive Store. As well as on-demand functions for the vehicle, the store also offers an ever-evolving selection of third-party apps in the categories music & audio, news & magazines and gaming for the infotainment system. More games are now being made available via this channel for in-car enjoyment. And occupants will also be able to play using proper gaming controllers in future. BMW is presenting this new form of gaming experience for the first time at CES 2024. For example, “Beach Buggy Racing 2” offers customers an action-packed racing game that evokes memories of the great console classics. Two players in the vehicle can compete against one another in split-screen mode using their gaming controllers. Any standard gaming controller with Bluetooth capability can be connected to the infotainment system in just a few steps. The controller link-up will be made available over the air for BMW Operating System 9 during 2024.

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  • Sony: Every PS5 Is Sold Out

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