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Arrivals at NATO Ministers of Foreign Affairs meeting


The foreign ministers of various nations arrive at a NATO meeting Ministers of Foreign Affairs at NATO headquarters in Brussels, as the alliance ponders how best to respond to Russia's ongoing war in Ukraine. IMAGES

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    Foreign ministers from NATO's members states are joined by Ukrainian Foreign Affairs Minister Dmytro Kuleba ahead of a meeting in Brussels on the war in Ukraine. Kuleba has called on NATO members to provide Kyiv with all the heavy weaponry it needs to fight Russia's invading forces. IMAGES

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    NATO chief Jens Stoltenberg on Wednesday said there was no sign Russian President Vladimir Putin had dropped "his ambition to control the whole of Ukraine" and the war could last for years. Stoltenberg said the conflict had reached a "critical phase" as Moscow moved its battered forces out of the north of Ukraine and rearmed them in preparation for a major offensive in the east. For more analysis, FRANCE 24 is joined by Gustav Gressel, Senior Policy Fellow at the European Council on Foreign Relations (ECFR). FRANCE 24's Nadia Massih asks our guest: "Is NATO likely to agree to send more weaponry to Ukraine?" In NATO, there are pro-Russian countries, like Hungary, which will make it "difficult to agree on a common position," explains Mr. Gressel. "But it will certainly be a chance for a lot of defense ministers who have already signaled their intent to do so, in the coming days and weeks, to coordinate what actually would be available and what could be delivered." And while eastern European NATO allies would be able to provide Ukraine immediately with the necessary military equipment, Mr. Gressel says that "they would like to see some further NATO reinforcements into their country because it would expose them to Russian bullying or blackmailing."

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    NATO foreign ministers gathered in Brussels on Wednesday for a 2-day meeting, to discuss additional support to Kyiv and investigations into "the horrific images of murdered civilians in Bucha and other places" in Ukraine from which Russian forces had pulled back. FRANCE 24's Dave Keating reports from Brussels.

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