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Naming special counsel to probe Trump is in 'public interest': attorney general


US Attorney General Merrick Garland says naming a special counsel to investigate Donald Trump is in the public interest because Trump has declared himself a candidate for the White House in 2024. SOUNDBITE

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  • Hunter Won't Factor Into Biden's AG Decision

    President-elect Joe Biden's so, Hunter Biden, is being investigated by the federal government. Biden has not selected his pick for Attorney General. However, Business Insider reports that he will not ask candidates for the position about their plans surrounding any investigations into his son. AG Bill Barr leaves the White House this week. He will be replaced for the remainder of Trump's term by Deputy Attorney General Jeffrey Rosen. AP reports Trump has floated the idea of firing Rosen should he refuse to appoint a special counsel to investigate Hunter Biden.

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  • Attorney General William Barr To Leave DOJ Before Christmas

    Rather unsurprisingly, President Donald Trump announced Monday that Attorney General William Barr is to depart the Justice Department before Christmas. According to Business Insider, the AG fell out of Trump's good graces when he failed to produce quality opposition research to use before the election. Things got even worse when Barr publicly made comments flying in the face of Trump's conspiracy theory about the election having been 'stolen' from him. During his tenure, Barr was described by some legal scholars as acting more like the president's personal defense lawyer than the US's chief law enforcement officer. Deputy Attorney General Jeffrey Rosen will become Acting Attorney General. Richard Donoghue will be taking over the duties of Deputy Attorney General.

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    US President Donald Trump appears to be running out of lifelines to save himself politically. CNN reports Trump had hoped a range of pivotal events would turn the electoral tide in his direction, but they're vanishing as quickly as Halloween candy. A coronavirus vaccine hasn't been created. Nor has a massive stimulus package materialized. And the investigation into the Clinton Foundation was a bust. So the president has taken to dialing Fox hosts from the White House and ripping his senior-most Cabinet members for not delivering before election day. It's an unfamiliar experience for a man used to getting what he wants. He is in a completely different universe right now where nobody is left, really, to help him out of the jams he keeps getting himself into. Mary Trump Niece of Donald Trump Author, 'Too Much and Never Enough'

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  • Can Trump Pardon Himself? Would It Matter If He Did?

    Having grudgingly green-lit the peaceful transfer of power, President Donald Trump is now perfectly poised to proceed with a parade of pardons. Trump has already commuted the sentence of his informal adviser Roger Stone. But what about Trump's former campaign chairman, Paul Manafort, who is still in home confinement serving out his prison sentence? Even more to the point, what about Trump himself? Trump has repeatedly asked aides about pardons for himself and his family members--and whether he could issue them preemptively. CNN reports the question of self-pardoning may be moot. If Trump faces any criminal charges, they'll be at the state level, not federal. US Presidents are not immune from any state charges.

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