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Undocumented people start individual treatment after interrupting hunger strike in Brussels


Brussels, Jul 22 (EFE).- (Camera: Leo Rodríguez). A “neutral zone” has been abilitated by the Belgian government to individually review claims to residence permits by about 400 undocumented migrants, after reaching a tentative deal Wednesday that ended a month-long hunger strike. FOOTAGE OF THE STRIKE IN BRUSSELS. SOUNDBITES OF:Ahmed, spokesperson for immigrants, in french:1.- The Secretary of State has given elements of clarification that can give the strikers the possibility of evaluating their durable settlement, their integration, and family reunification.2.- On the one hand we feel relieved since disastrous damages have been avoided that can harm the state of health and even people's lives, on the other hand, we are not entirely satisfied because the minimum has been obtained and not everything we wanted.3.- We hope that the Secretary of State respects its commitments and that it treats the files well, otherwise the strikers will be forced to start over. They will go on a hunger strike and perhaps thirst.4.- As it was decided yesterday to suspend the hunger strike in the first place, the strikers drink soup until their bodies get used to eating so as not to damage our stomachs, our digestive systems, or our intestines. Eating the main dish directly can harm your health.Geert Verbauwhede, Director General of the Government Immigration Office, in english.

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    Brussels, Jul 8 (EFE) .- (Camera: Leo Rodríguez) The United Nation's special rapporteur on extreme poverty and human rights, Olivier De Schutter, visited a central church in Brussels on Thursday, where some two hundred undocumented immigrants add up to almost 50 days on hunger strike to demand their regularization and whose health, in many cases, is a concern. FOOTAGE OF THE CHURCH AND THE MIGRANTS.SOUNDBITES OF OLIVIER DE SCHUTTER (UN SPECIAL RAPPORTEUR ON EXTREME POVERTY AND HUMAN RIGHTS-QUOTES IN ENGLISH), AHMED (UNION OF IMMIGRANTS UNDOCUMENTED BY REGULARIZATION), MOHAMED (OCCUPANT AND STRIKER) AND FATHER DANIEL (QUOTES IN ENGLISH).Translation:Ahmed:2.- The state of the strikers is dire, regrettable and macabre. Most of them have signs of weakening, post-traumatic symptoms, symptoms of seizures, of kidney infections. There are even those who suffered heart attacks. The situation is deplorable.3.- It stubbornly clings to a case by case, which is not an encouraging sign because case by case is not based on a legal framework and is not based on fair, objective and permanent criteria. So it reflects the arbitrariness of the evaluation, the arbitrariness of the responses and the arbitrariness of the handling of cases.Mohamed:4.- There were many heart attacks, kidney infections, loss of weight of muscle mass over 15 per cent that was reported and seen by a Red Cross doctor ... It is becoming something worrying and alarming.5.- The undocumented person has always put health and body at risk because it is the only tool and it is his only survival tool. Our body was already weakened before starting this hunger strike.6.- Given the state of health of the strikers, of course there is concern, of course. It is degrading day after day. We hope that there will be a solution in the next few days and that we will not experience a drama since that is not the objective.

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