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La Palma volcano: Toxic gas fears as lava creeps closer to the sea


Residents in several of the Canary Island's neighbourhoods have been confined to their homes due to fears of toxic gas emissions.

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  • La Palma volcano: Lava reaches the sea amid toxic gas fears

    Lava from the Cumbre Vieja volcano which erupted ten days ago on La Palma in the Canary Islands has reached the ocean, a phenomenon that produces toxic gases.

    29/09/2021 - Euronews EN
  • Canaries volcano lava reaches sea, raising toxic gas fears

    Aerial views of the lava from an erupting volcano in the Canary Islands as it reaches the ocean. The Spanish archipelago had earlier declared an exclusion zone of two nautical miles around the location the lava was expected to enter the Atlantic and asked residents to stay at home. The Cumbre Vieja volcano, which straddles a southern ridge in La Palma, an island with 85,000 inhabitants, erupted on September 19, spewing out rivers of lava that have slowly crept towards the sea. IMAGES

    29/09/2021 - AFPTV - First images
  • La Palma: Authorities urge people to wear masks due to toxic gas

    High concentration levels of sulphur dioxide from the volcanic gas emissions prompted authorities to suspend workers' access to the southern zone and urged the population to wear masks and avoid outdoor activities on Monday.

    30/11/2021 - Euronews EN
  • Lava from La Palma's volcano gains ground on sea amid large amount of toxic gases

    Santa Cruz de La Palma, Sep 29 (EFE).- Emergency services in the Canary Islands Wednesday told residents along La Palma's western coast to stay home with their doors and windows shut to avoid inhaling toxic gases that could be released as lava flows into the sea.The lava flowing from the new volcano that erupted on the Cumbre Vieja ridge 10 days ago reached the sea on Tuesday night. With a temperature of around 1,000 C (1,832F), the molten rock could create a thermal shock and release toxic steam when it comes into contact with the sea, which has a temperature of around 20C, scientists warned.Upon reaching the seawater, the molten rock has created a deposit 50 meters high and now started to form a lava delta, the Spanish Institute of Oceanography wrote on Twitter Wednesday. (Camera: MIGUEL ÁNGEL PÉREZ CALERO / ÁNGEL MEDINA).SHOT LIST: THE ERUPTION OF THE CUMBRE VIEJA VOLCANO ON THE ISLAND OF LA PALMA, CANARY ISLANDS, SPAIN.

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  • Volcanic gas column remains in sea area, without affecting population in La Palma

    Santa Cruz of La Palma, 29 sep (EFE).- (Camera: Ángel Medina)The column of steam of water and possibly toxic gases by lava reaching the sea in La Palma has remained in the sea area, without reaching La Palma's residents.FOOTAGE OF THE LAVA REACHING THE SEA.

    29/09/2021 - EFE Inglés

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