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'The Velvet Underground' press conference at Cannes


Cannes (France), Jul 8 (EFE / EPA) .- (Camera: Marcos Álvarez San Román) Todd Haynes presented on Thursday at the Cannes Film Festival his documentary 'The Velvet Underground'. FOOTAGE OF THE PRESS CONFERENCE AT CANNES.SOUNDBITES OF TOSS HAYNES AND ADAM KURNITZ (EDITOR).

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    Cannes (France), Jul 11 ??(EFE / EPA) .- (Camera: Marco Álvarez) Catherine Deneuve, the great lady of French cinema, is known for her coldness, but her return to the Cannes Film Festival after having suffered a stroke and the pandemic, made her emotional and appear more human than ever.FOOTAGE OF CATHERINE DENEUVE (ACTRESS) ENTERING THE PRESS ROOM WITH THIERRY FRÉMAUX (DIRECTOR OF THE CANNES FESTIVAL); EMMANUELLE BERCOT (DIRECTOR) AND CÉCILE DE FRANCE (ACTRESS) ENTER THE PRESS ROOM; FILM CREW OVERVIEW (FROM RIGHT TO LEFT): DENIS PINEAU-VALENCIENNE (PRODUCER), GABRIEL SARA (ACTOR AND DOCTOR), CATHERINE DENEUVE (ACTRESS), EMMANUELLE BERCOT (DIRECTOR), CIMÉORÎT (BENOCIORÎT) MAGAZINE DE FRANCE (ACTRESS) AND FRANÇOIS KRAUS (PRODUCER); APPLAUSE TO CATHERINE DENEUVE (ACTRESS); PRESENTATION OF EACH MEMBER OF THE TEAM. FOOTAGE AND SOUNDBITES OF: CATHERINE DENEUVE (ACTRESS):"Personally, many things have happened to me in a very important time. And then this terrible thing happened that affected us in the film (which also deals with this topic). The dimension, the power and the force of the situation have been different, and they make me see things differently. Yes, for me it is all three. Yes, it is very different today. A very different perception. But it is true that when we accompanied people who unfortunately had AIDS it was already very painful. But we are really facing a terrible disaster that affects everyone. It is very impressive to see the relationship we have with unknown people because this unites people without words and there is something that is already different between people, very very different. ""Well, yes ... I didn't expect this! Yes, I'm fine, I'm fine, I'm happy to have been able to come to Cannes, for all those who have been able to come. That the festival has been able to take place this year is something important and we were very excited yesterday, yes. It was an event for us. I mean, for everyone, not just for Europeans. ""More than happy. That the festival has been able to resume, it is something extraordinary. Until the last moment, we wondered if it could really be done because it seemed incredible to us with the amount of delays and difficulties due to the situation we were in. Technically it was going to be very complicated. As for my evolution, with regard to Cannes, it is difficult. I feel that I have known Cannes for a long time. Every time there are very different things but I think that I have never been as excited as last night when I entered the room and by the way, the room has hosted the film and me. So yeah, it was very exciting. " EMMANUELLE BERCOT (DIRECTOR), IN FRENCH:"I work with who I am. I love crying at the movies, it's a great joy for me. And when I write I try to describe things that will make you cry. I cry easily so maybe I'm not the best barometer. But yes, I let myself be guided by what excites me, which may not be for everyone because there are people who reject melodrama "."I say it frequently: the actors, it's not that I don't care about them but they are not what interests me. I am interested in filming people whom I love. It is not a question of whether they are actors or not. I have found Catherine, a woman I love immensely and that inspires. She is at the same time the person she is and at work, she is someone who enhances my creativity. So I love writing for her. And she is a true inspiration and in life, she is someone I count on a lot and with whom I like to spend time and talk. I like to work as a family and when I work with Catherine or Benoît or both, even better, because they feel like a family ".

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