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Dogs help detect coronavirus infections in Thailand


Bangkok, Jun 17 (EFE / EPA) .- (Camera: Rungroj Yongrit) A mobile unit made up of six dogs has helped inspect some 2,000 samples to detect Covid-19 cases through smell in Thailand after being trained for months to help fight the pandemic.FOOTAGE OF THE DOG UNIT IN BANGKOK.

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    Bangkok, May 20 (EFE/EPA).- Three of six specially trained Labrador Retriever dogs have been deployed in the Thai capital, Bangkok, to sniff out human sweat collected from residents in the outbreak communities to detect Covid-19 infections. The dogs have been trained to sniff out Covid-19 in human sweat. They will sit down immediately when detecting the perspiration scent of COVID-19 infections with an accuracy rate of nearly 95 percent during training. (Camera: RUNGROJ YONGRIT).SHOT LIST: SNIFFER DOGS TRAINED TO DETECT COVID-19 IN HUMAN SWEAT DURING TRAINING AT THE SMALL ANIMAL TEACHING HOSPITAL, AT CHULALONGKORN UNIVERSITY, IN BANGKOK, THAILAND.

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