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Cuba records record daily number of coronavirus cases


Havana, Jun 23 (EFE).- Cuba has registered a record number of new confirmed coronavirus cases for the second time this week, with the Ministry of Public Health confirming Wednesday that 2,055 more people have contracted the potentially deadly virus.

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    Havana, Jul 8 (EFE).- (Camera: Felipe Borrego)On Thursday, Cuba registered its highest number of both coronavirus cases and deaths in one day since the beginning of the pandemic with 3,819 infections and 26 deaths, including a two-month-old baby, reported the Ministry of Public Health (Minsap).FOOTAGE OF HAVANA.

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    Moscow, Jun 18 (EFE / EPA) .- (Camera: Sergei Ilnitsky / Fernando Salcines) Moscow registered 9,056 cases of Covid-19 in the last 24 hours, the maximum daily number of infections since the beginning of the pandemic.FOOTAGE OF MOSCOW.SOUNDBITES OF PUBLIC WORKERS AND A STUDENT. TRANSLATIONS (IN ORDER OF APPEARANCE):Valeri, public employee:1.- It is difficult to say since the pandemic is gaining ground, we have a third wave. So far the measures may have been sufficient, but I still consider that it is necessary to continue wearing a mask and gloves.2.- In the beginning (compulsory vaccination) should be done. But be very careful, because you have to think about those employees. Vaccines can cause disease ... The person is vaccinated and then does not generate antibodies and can contract coronavirus. And that is why for employees this implies a certain risk.3.- People no longer take the use of masks with great responsibility, because it is very hot and it is difficult to breathe with them. In open spaces there is less risk, but in transport, yes, and there are many people who travel without masks, without gloves, within a short distance from each other, where people sneeze and cough, and that perhaps leads to an increase in infections.Sergei, student:4.- It is summer, everyone goes out for a walk, from their houses, that is logical. Some say that the rays of the sun will kill the virus, I think that does not work like that.5.- There are different measures, my university has online classes. Obligatory vaccination on the part of employees is an appropriate measure, but I believe that a more effective measure needs to be found. For example, forcing everyone to get vaccinated, except for those with medical contraindications. Approve a decree. If you don't get vaccinated, they fine you.Andrei and Maria, public employees:6.- Him: Moscow is a huge megalopolis, a lot of transport, a lot of people.7.- Her: It is unthinkable to walk with masks on the street, you could faint, but in transport, it is necessary to use them. He: To a certain degree the government is right (to hold the people accountable), we have been in this for two years and people have decided to take a break, we are fed up. Her: It is very difficult to find the right way. There are many factors to consider.

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