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Yemenis get food aid amid humanitarian crisis


Sana'a, Jun 17 (EFE/EPA).- Yemenis on Thursday got their families’ food aid provided by Mona Relief Yemen, amid a humanitarian crisis.Mona Relief Yemen, local aid agency, distributed food rations to 300 Yemeni families, who are facing heightened food insecurity in the remote district of Bani Matar, south of Sana'a. The United Nations has warned that over 16 million people, more than half of Yemen's population, would go hungry in 2021, including over 5 million are at immediate risk of famine, as the prolonged conflict continues to rage. Yemen has been the scene of devastating war since March 2015 between the Saudi-backed Yemeni government and the Houthis. (Camera: YAHYA ARHAB). SHOT LIST: YEMENIS GOT THEIR FAMILIES’ FOOD AID PROVIDED BY MONA RELIEF YEMEN, AMID A HUMANITARIAN CRISIS, IN THE REMOTE DISTRICT OF BANI MATAR, SANA'A, YEMEN.

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