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Cubans living in US protest against Cuban gov't outside White House


Washington DC, Jul 17 (EFE).- Thousands of people rallied in the Cuban streets on Saturday in a pro-government march days after widespread protests rocked the communist regime amid an unprecedented economic and health crises on the island.Cubans living in exile in the United States poured out on the roads in solidarity with the anti-government protesters in Cuba, complaining that their brethren were struggling with food and medical care due to Covid-19.The protesters blame the communist dictatorship for the crisis amid a failing economy, food shortages, and frequent blackouts. (Camera: EFE).SHOT LIST: CUBANS LIVING IN EXILE IN THE UNITED STATES PROTEST AGAINST THE CUBAN GOVERNMENT OUTSIDE THE US WHITE HOUSE IN WASHINGTON, DC, US.SOUND BITE: ABEL SÁNCHEZ, ONE OF THE PROTESTERS (IN SPANISH).TRANSLATION: What we need is an automatic intervention, now, immediate. We don't need food, we don't need anything. What we need is freedom, which is what the Cuban people have been fighting for in the past 62 years and that is why all these Cubans are here today. For the freedom of Cuba.

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