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Young entrepreneur establishes Kenya's first USB cable manufacturing company


Kiangwaci, Aug 19 (EFE / EPA) .- Young Kenyan engineering graduate Anthony Muthungu, 28, has started Kenya's first local manufacturing company of USB cables. According to Muthungu, he got inspired to start his own production line of cables after falling victim to substandard imported USB cables that have flooded the market. He uses recycled plastic waste for internal injection which saves him 60 percent of the raw materials in the production. The company currently manufactures Android chargers such as Micro USB and USB Type C, as well as iPhone chargers. Their cables are Kenya Bureau of Standards (KEBS) approved and Brand Kenya certified as authentically made in Kenya product. The Kenyan market has been flooded with fake USB cables due to a large number of users using them for their smartphones in which Anthony hopes he will be able to change that narrative with his products that are already being embraced by many Kenyans because of their quality and affordability. (Camera: DANIEL IRUNGU)SHOT LIST: WORKERS PACKAGING USB CABLES AT THE TOTOSCI MANUFACTURING CENTER IN KIANGWACI, KENYA.

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