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Endurance test at -26 degrees - The latest generation of brake control systems for future electric platforms by Mercedes-Benz in winter testing at the Arctic Circle


Mercedes-Benz tested the latest generation of brake control systems on drives in Arjeplog, Sweden, near the Arctic Circle. For more than 20 years, an official branch of the Sindelfingen plant has existed here: its very own test centre for testing in the most extreme conditions. In addition to the EQE, EQS, EQS SUV and EQE SUV, models of future vehicle generations based on future platforms were also used in the drives across a frozen lake and up the region’s highest mountain.“During the test drives, our team is primarily concerned with safety, efficiency and driving comfort. The development team tunes the brake control systems individually for each model series – and pushes them to their physical limits.”Christoph Böhm, Head of Brake Control Systems, Mercedes-Benz AGOn the way to an all-electric future, the team is working on a new generation of stability control systems. These make use of the properties of the electric drive to precisely control the torque at the wheels. Most drivers will probably never notice how hard their Mercedes-Benz vehicles work to keep them out of dangerous situations – for Böhm and his team, this is the definition of a job well done.

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