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The new Piaggio MP3 Design Preview


The year was 2006 when Piaggio introduced a vehicle on the market that would forever change the face of urban and metropolitan mobility: Piaggio MP3 was the first and inimitable three-wheeled scooter in the world, with the exclusive patented suspension system that connects them combine the safety of a car with the simplicity and practicality of a scooter and the fun of a dynamic motorcycle ride on a twisty road.Piaggio MP3 created a new market segment where it has remained the undisputed leader, thanks to constant technological development. It is a sixteen year long success story measured by the over 230,000 vehicles sold thus far, but which is even more overwhelming when we consider its popularity with a global and transverse public, from car drivers looking for a more practical and increasingly safer alternative - Piaggio MP3 can be driven with just a car driver's license - to advanced motorcycle riders who are capable of exploiting the advantages and technical features of a unique vehicle.

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    Piaggio MP3 300 hpe represents the lighter and more agile version of the Piaggio MP3: a compact, sporty and dynamic vehicle that does not renounce a higher level of comfort and the contents typical of GT scooters. All this combined with the Piaggio 300 hpe engine, credited with power and torque values ​​at the top of the category.Piaggio MP3 300 hpe can be driven with a simple car license: the exclusive Piaggio three-wheel technology is in fact the same as the Piaggio MP3 350 and 500 hpe ""big brothers"": the front suspension system with articulated wishbones and the double front wheel are unique and distinctive elements that make riding the Piaggio MP3 an absolutely unique experience, with cornering stability superior to any scooter, and excellent road holding that is felt in all its importance on wet asphalt or in poor grip conditions.The compact size and maneuverability of the Piaggio MP3 300 hpe are appreciable both in stationary maneuvers, making it very easy to manage when parking, and on the move when agility is enhanced. When driving, the front end is extremely precise and even more communicative.

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    How does TOYOTA GAZOO Racing squeeze even more excitement into the ultra-hot GR Corolla? Like any enthusiasts, they take it to the garage and figure out how to add power, reduce weight and enhance handling – all while keeping an eye on building a car that’s ready to jump from the street to the track. Then, after tweaking, testing and re-testing, they come away with a GR Corolla that can carry only one name: GR Corolla MORIZO Edition.The purpose-built MORIZO Edition adds even more heat to Toyota’s GR lineup, which includes the performance ready GR Corolla Core Grade, launch-year-only Circuit Edition, as well as GR Supra and GR86. The MORIZO Edition was named for GR Master Driver and Toyota president Akio Toyoda. This track-oriented version of GR Corolla was designed to meet specifications desired by Toyoda himself, with tight handling, a high power-to-weight ratio and a highly rigid body. Only 200 numbered units will be produced for model year 2023.Like the Core and Circuit Edition, the MORIZO Edition comes in at 300 horsepower, with torque bumped up to 295 lb.-ft. versus the 273 lb.-ft. available in its siblings. TOYOTA GAZOO Racing engineers retuned GR Corolla’s engine for additional power, with peak torque coming in at 3250-4600 RPM. The MORIZO edition has an exclusive close ratio intelligent Manual Transmission (iMT) and shorter differential gears for satisfying acceleration across the power band.

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    The new Mercedes-AMG SL is the re-edition of an icon and returns to its roots with the classic fabric top and the sporty character that has always distinguished it. The elegant roadster in 2 + 2-seater configuration, perfectly at ease even in everyday use, for the first time transfers power to the road with all-wheel drive. The sporty nature is reinforced by state-of-the-art solutions, such as the ACTIVE RIDE CONTROL AMG suspension with active anti-roll system, the rear axle steering, the ceramic brakes in high-performance AMG composite material (optional) or the DIGITAL LIGHT system. standard with projection function. Combined with the AMG 4.0-liter twin-turbo V8 engine, this technical kit guarantees a driving experience of the highest level. SL is a Performance Luxury model, and as such it was entirely developed by Mercedes-AMG in Affalterbach. In Italy, the new Mercedes-AMG SL will initially be marketed exclusively with the most powerful engine, the 63 4MATIC +, available in two versions: PREMIUM and PREMIUM PLUS, with prices starting from 199,000 euros.

    28/07/2022 - Auto Moto EN