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Hyundai Pony Coupe Concept restored after 50 years, unveiled at its birthplace Italy


Hyundai Motor Company’s recreated Pony Coupe Concept has made its world premiere — nearly 50 years after its original debut — in Lake Como, Italy. Originally unveiled at the 1974 Turin Motor Show, the Pony Coupe Concept is an important vehicle in the company’s history and design heritage. Hyundai Motor unveiled the rebuilt Pony Coupe Concept at the inaugural Hyundai Reunion, a heritage brand platform that reflects on Hyundai Motor’s past and its future direction. Among the representatives present at the event were Giorgetto Giugiaro and his son Fabrizio Giugiaro, long time designer himself, to signal the previously announced restoration, completed by GFG Style, the style center that draws on the creative expertise of Fabrizio and Giorgetto, of the car that led to the creation of the brand’s seminal Pony line-up, Korea’s first independently developed mass-production models. Under the Pony Coupe Concept restoration project, Hyundai Motor Company has brought the original Pony Coupe Concept shown at the 1974 Turin Motor Show back to life. This restoration project is a testament to the spirit, daring passion and ambition that Hyundai employees and executives had to create a global brand with the Pony Coupe Concept at its forefront. With its unique aesthetic sensibility, the Pony Coupe Concept was a groundbreaking model in its time. Unfortunately, due to the adverse global economic conditions in the late 1970s, what could have been Hyundai’s first sensational sports car was unable to reach commercial production and was lost to history. Nevertheless, the concept embodies Hyundai’s bold determination to enter the sports-car sector for long-term leadership as an #automotive company – this spirit still underlies in Hyundai’s leadership in electrification and high-performance hydrogen technology.

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