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South Korea launches first own space rocket 'Nuri'


South Korea has launched its first domestically developed space rocket but failed to put its dummy payload into orbit, a setback in the country's attempts to join the ranks of advanced space-faring nations.

Added on the 21/10/2021 15:56:36 - Copyright : AFP EN

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  • South Korea successfully launches homegrown Nuri space rocket

    South Korea successfully launches its homegrown Nuri rocket en route to placing working satellites into orbit, which the country hailed as a key step forward for the country's burgeoning space programme. The three-stage rocket, more than 47 metres (155 feet) long and weighing 200 tonnes, soars into the sky from the Naro Space Center in South Korea's southern coastal region.

    25/05/2023 - AFP EN
  • First rocket made in South Korea blasts off into space

    South Korea successfully launches its first domestically-developed space rocket and puts a dummy satellite into orbit. It is the country's second attempt after a launch in October failed. The Korea Satellite Launch Vehicle II, a 200-tonne liquid fuel rocket informally called Nuri, lifted off from the launch site in Goheung at 4:00 pm (0700 GMT).

    21/06/2022 - AFP EN
  • North Korea seen from across border after it launches spy satellite

    General scenery of North Korea seen across the border from South Korea after Pyongyang said it had succeeded in putting a military spy satellite in orbit. IMAGES

    22/11/2023 - AFPTV - First images
  • South Korea launches first lunar orbiter

    South Korea's first-ever lunar orbiter is launched from the US on a year-long mission to observe the Moon, with a payload including a new disruption-tolerant network for sending data from space. Danuri -- a portmanteau of the Korean words for "Moon" and "enjoy" -- is carried on a Falcon 9 rocket launched from Cape Canaveral in Florida by Elon Musk's aerospace company SpaceX. It aims to reach the Moon by mid-December.

    05/08/2022 - AFP EN
  • North Korea launches spy satellite

    Images released by North Korea's official Korean Central Television (KCTV) on Thursday November 23, 2023, show the launch of a rocket carrying a North Korean military spy satellite. The satellite will "formally start its reconnaissance mission from December 1 after finishing 7 to 10 days' fine-tuning process", KCNA said, adding that it was already transmitting images.

    23/11/2023 - AFP EN

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