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Cutting-Edge Virtual Reality Lets Russian Troops Trade Tanks for Tech


Virtual reality is becoming the hot new technology trend. VR allows users to enter a new world by putting on a helmet and headphones. It's rapid development and many potential applications has caused the Russian military to take notice and start a VR soldier training program of its own. The Russian Defence Ministry tested new virtual reality combat simulators in Ryazan on Wednesday, designed to prepare the Russian Armed Forces for modern warfare and to train their skills on heavy military vehicles and weapons without actually having to use them. Soldiers participanting in the simulation were equipped with a set of nine sensors, a data transmission system, a virtual reality helmet and high-tech simulator rifles. The simulation takes soldiers through an urban battlefield and puts them in many different challenging and unusual situations. This simulation is only the beginning, they will only become more realistic from here on out. What do you think about training soldiers with virtual reality?

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