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Soekchen the Secretary Bird Gets Second Chance After Receiving Prosthetic Leg


This is Soekchen a bumbling secretary bird that got a new lease on life after being fitted with a prosthetic leg. This feathered friend suffered a trauma to her leg and vets had to remove the limb. However, she's bouncing around again in the Walsrode Bird Park thanks to her new artificial limb. Soekchen is clearly overjoyed with being able to walk again and grateful to her carers for getting her the help she needed. The four-year-old bird got the new prosthetic leg which was built with the same 3D-technologies as prosthetics for children. In order to create anything with a 3D printer, you first have to make a 3D design using special software. The design is then used by the printer as instructions to form the shape you want. 3D printers place small bits of plastic down as layers, starting from the bottom of the design and slowly adding more layers on top until its ready. And what could have been another sad story turned into the happy ending as Soeckchen immediately became a superstar of the park, attracting more and more visitors. It's no wonder - Soekchen's strange walk seems to have the love of life built into it.

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