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Stomach of Steel! Meet Glass-Eater Disrrael Acosta


Warning: please don't try this at home. You've probably heard that you shoudn't touch broken glass because it can easily cut your skin, but one Cuban man not only touches broken glass, he chews up the sharp shards and gulps them down like nothing happened. Disrrael Acosta, a 47-year-old man who eats glass and peels coconuts with his teeth, performed his unusual and highly dangerous skill for Ruptly in his home town of San Juan y Martinez. Dissrael chews up the glass carefully, risking damage to his tongue, which is extremely sensitive, and then gulps down the chewed up glass fragments, which could cut his esophagus on the way down to his stomach. He explains how he started this unusual habit. The man with the stomach of steel and the teeth of titanium also enjoys breaking open coconuts with his head and tearing off the thick husk with teeth. Dissrael enjoys performing in front of crowds, but his cringeworthy skill draws different reactions from different people So far, Dissrael has managed to avoid injury and even claims that his unusual hobby brings him some health benefits. However, we strongly advise our viewers not to try this sort of activity yourself before consulting with a medical professional.

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