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What’s Watson working on today? He’s helping hospitals personalize treatments using billions of data points. He’s working with Medtronic to predict the highs and lows of diabetes, hours in advance. And helping Orreco use biomarker data to optimize the performance of athletes. Working with Watson, we can outthink anything. http://ibm.co/2bWK2Wu

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Watch video of What’s Watson Working On Today? He’s Helping Hospitals Personalize Treatments Using Billions Of Data Points. He’s Working With Medtronic To Predict The Highs And Lows Of Diabetes, Hours In Advance. And Helping Orreco Use Biomarker Data To Optimize The Performance Of Athletes. 

Working With Watson, We Can Outthink Anything. Http://ibm.co/2bWK2Wu - IBM Watson on Health - Label : Autovia -

IBM Watson on Health

28/09/2016 10:55:49

Watch video of In This Video David Robson, Watson Director Of Financial Services In Europe, Will Show How Watson Is Starting To Transform The Finance Industry, Using Real Life Case Studies From Westpac One, Swiss Re And KPMG. 

Historically, Artificial Intelligence In The Finance Sector Has Been Limited To Algorithmic Systems That Can Trade Stock At Lightening Speeds. Yet Such Programmes, Designed To Exploit Tiny Differences In Value, Have Little Understanding Of Any Wider Business Context. 

IBM Watson Is Different, As A Cognitive System Watson Absorbs Human Learning And Uses It To Support Human Processes - Rather Than Blindly Chasing Profits. 

This Is The Second Of A Six-part Series In Partnership With Wired Where We Will Explore How IBM Watson And Cognitive Computing Is Impacting Fields As Diverse As Finance, Education And Security. 

Learn More At: Http://ibm.co/1OmkuK2

Welcome To The #CognitiveEra:
Https://www.linkedin.com/company/ibm - IBM Watson: Rethinking Global Finance - Label : Autovia -

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