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AR-15 Rifle Used in Orlando is One of the Most Popular in U.S.


Police say the gunman in the deadliest shooting in U.S. history carried two firearms with him, a 9mm handgun and an AR-15-style semi automatic rifle, both of which were purchased legally at a local gun store. Now many Americans are asking for more information about the deadly weapons that claimed 50 lives in Orlando. It's been reported that the AR-15 is one of the most popular and easy to get guns in the United States. In Florida, a license isn't even required to get one.

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  • Gun Store Raffles AR-15 To Raise Funds For Orlando Victims

    A gun store in McHenry, Illinois is raffling off its most popular product – an AR-15 – to raise funds for the victims of the Orlando nightclub massacre. The military-style rifle is similar to the one used in the shooting and is the store's most purchased item. The store's owners have pledged to donate all of the money raised from the $5 raffle tickets to the One Orlando Fund, which was recently established in Orlando to help victims and their families. The owners say they consider the mass shooting in Orlando a “terrorist attack" and a “hate crime” and that the raffle is their way to show support.

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  • Expert Compares AR-15 Damage to Grenade

    An AR-15 rifle was used in mass shootings in Sandy Hook, San Bernardino, Aurora, and now Orlando. It's been described as America's most popular rifle. But, even as debates about gun control rage on across America, many people are unaware of the damage an AR-15 can do to the human body. Bullets leave the rifle at three-times the velocity of a handgun, with enough energy to reportedly pass through three inches of leg bone. to One trauma surgeon compared the wounds inflicted from the AR-15 to a grenade, versus the knife-like injuries sustained from most handguns.

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  • Shooter Used Assault Rifle, Handgun, And Some Other 'Device'

    In the deadliest mass shooting in U.S. history, officials say 50 people were killed at a popular Orlando gay club. Police say the shooter used an AR-15-type assault rifle on all the victims. Police Chief John Mina said at a Sunday news conference that the shooter used the assault rifle, with unknown rounds. He said he also had a handgun. Officials were securing the suspect's vehicle, a van, right outside the club. The shooter has been identified as Omar Mateen of Port St. Lucie, Florida.

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  • Gun Firms' Stock Prices After Orlando?

    Every time there is a mass shooting in the country, two things happen: politicians engage in a gun control debate that goes nowhere and gun sales go through the roof. Those two reactions often send stock prices in gun companies soaring. The Orlando shooting has proven to be no different. The AR-15 is the country's most popular rifle. It is also the weapon used by Omar Mateen in Sunday's massacre. Now the rifle is a symbol for both sides in America's fierce gun debate.

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  • Orlando Benefit Raffle To WIn AR-15 Rifle Canceled

    Photograph: George Frey/Reuters A gun shop in suburban Chicago has canceled a planned raffle of a semiautomatic rifle to benefit victims of the nightclub shooting in Orlando, Florida. On Thursday, Vic Santi, director of marketing at Second Amendment Sports, told the Guardian: “People who are more for the second amendment are very much behind [the raffle] and requesting tickets.” Santi said he and the store’s owners considered the shooting in Orlando a “terrorist attack” and a “hate crime” and felt the raffle was a way to show support for those affected by the attack.

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  • AR-15 Rifle to be Auctioned to Raise Money for Orlando Victims

    A gun shop based in Illinois is planning to hold a raffle fundraiser to benefit the families of victims of the Orlando Shooting that features a prize of an AR-15 rifle. Bert Irslinger Jr., co-owner of the gun shop, Second Amendment Sports, told BuzzFeed News, "We denounce terrorism on our soil in any way, shape or form and we’re standing with American citizens and loved ones of the victims of this heinous act." Second Amendment Sports will also reportedly donate $2,000 in addition to the proceeds from the AR-15 raffle to OneOrlando, a fund under a Florida nonprofit aimed at supporting Orlando city projects. The massacre at a gay nightclub in Orlando was carried out by a shooter armed with a similar style rifle to the AR-15.

    30/06/2016 - Wochit
  • Gun Shop Raffles An AR-15 For Orlando Victims

    After The Orlando massacre, many Americans have responded to the hateful violence with dignity and compassion. Howeve one group did something with mixed feelings. A Chicago area gun shop plans to raffle an AR-15 semi-automatic rifle to benefit the victims of the shooting at the Pulse nightclub. co-owner Bert Irslinger Jr. explained “We wanted to do something for the loss of lives and injuries that happened to people in Orlando,”. When asked about the gun which was the same used in the massacre he stated “It’s a normal product. It’s bought every day buy Americans across the United States.”

    30/06/2016 - Wochit
  • Chicago Gun shop raffles AR-15 rifle to benefit Orlando victims

    A suburban Chicago gun shop is raffling a semi-automatic weapon to benefit victims of the nightclub shooting in Orlando. Second Amendment Sports in McHenry, Illinois, is selling tickets for $5 to win an AR-15 rifle. The gun is similar to the one Omar Mateen used when he opened fire in a gay nightclub June 12, leaving 49 people dead and 53 injured. Store owners told the Chicago Tribune that the store wasn't making a political statement. The store's marketing director Vic Santi said terrorism not guns were the problem. The store owners plan to announce the winner on July 31, when they open a new gun range and larger showroom.

    30/06/2016 - Wochit
  • Walmart to Stop Selling AR-15 Rifles

    Walmart will no longer stock AR-15 rifles and other semi-automatic weapons, saying the decision is because of less demand from customers and not continued political pressure in the wake of several mass shootings in the US. Walmart spokesman Kory Lundberg told Fortune on Wednesday, "There wasn’t a whole lot of demand for those products so we replaced them with products we have seen customers coming into purchase it.

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