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Expedition 49/50 Launches from Baikonur for ISS


A Soyuz-MS 02 spacecraft launched from the Baikonur Cosmodrome in Kazakhstan, Wednesday, bound for the International Space Station. The spacecraft is carrying Russian cosmonaut Sergey Ryzhikov, Kazakh cosmonaut Andrei Borisenko, and US astronaut Shane Kimbrough, who will spend four months aboard the ISS to conduct experiments in biology, biotechnology, physical science and Earth science before returning home in February.

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    This is the moment that International crew members of Expedition 50 locked the hatch of their reentry capsule as they prepared to return back to the blue planet. Amazing footage of the final frontier was captured as Russian cosmonauts Andrei Borisenko and Sergei Ryzhikov and NASA Commander Robert Shane Kimbrough completed the process of undocking the capsule from the International Space Station, or ISS, and began the three and a hour journey back to terra firma. The ISS circles above our planet in Low Earth Orbit at a distance of about 250 miles above and can be seen with the naked eye. It is the largest artificial body in orbit and is joint initiative by the space programmes of the United States, Russia, Europe, Canada, and Japan built in order to study space and figure out how humans can live there. Borisenko, Ryzhikov, and Kimbrough successfully landed in Kazakhstan on Monday after undocking from the ISS and undertaking a 3 and a half hour journey back to earth after having spent a total of 173 days in space. All three space travelers are in good health and are being transported to their respective agencies for routine check-ups by medics as well as a small period of rehabilitation for returning to life with gravity. Expedition 50 concluded successfully, albeit with a bit of a bump, when the reentry capsule thumped down onto the wide open Kazakh steppe at around 10:20 GMT, raising quite a bit of dust as it collided with the surface of the earth.

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