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See ‘Inside Out 2’ In IMAX


"Pixar’s colors are always just so vibrant and striking, especially with the IMAX projection systems." We visited @imaxmovies headquarters and talked to their staff about what makes seeing animation films like "Inside Out 2" so much better in an IMAX theater. “Inside Out 2” opens on June 14. Experience the science of @IMAX yourself at your local @amctheatres. Get tickets here: https://www.amctheatres.com/imax/showtimes/inside-out-2-67476/default/imax?utm_medium=partner&utm_source=cinemablend&utm_campaign=67476-imaxcontinuity&utm_content=plf-awareness&utm_launch=2024-06-13&utm_uid=socialvideo #insideout2 #insideout #pixar #imax #amctheaters

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