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Joe Biden's Climate Plan


Joe Biden’s energy advisor caused a stir last month by saying the former vice president was working on a “middle ground” climate policy. On Tuesday, the Democratic presidential hopeful put out his plan, and it shows that the middle of the road has been pulled pretty far to the left by both activists and science. Gizmodo reports the Biden climate plan outlines how the former vice president would spend $1.7 trillion in federal money along with a mix of executive orders and legislation that would transition the U.S. to net-zero emissions “no later than 2050" while also protecting workers’ rights to organize and a just transition for fossil fuel workers and communities of color.

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  • Scientists Say Joe Biden's Climate Plan Not Good Enough.

    At a moment when mounting reports from the world’s top scientists indicate humanity is barrelling toward climate catastrophe and ecological collapse, Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden is preparing a climate policy that appears to put the United States back on the pre-Trump trajectory. The former vice president’s proposal is anchored in resetting the clock to 2016 by rejoining the Paris climate accord and reinstating Obama-era regulations on power plant and vehicle emissions, according to a Reuters report published Friday. The policy is expected to maintain a role for fossil fuels, and veer away from the Green New Deal framework that most of Biden’s top rivals for his party’s 2020 presidential nomination have embraced.

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    Reuters reports Democratic 2020 presidential candidate Joe Biden has found himself needing to take more specific stances on policy. The former vice president currently has a large lead over his 23 competitors. A Reuters/Ipsos poll from this week says Biden draws 31% of support from Democratic and independent voters, while Bernie Sanders in second place has 14% of support. After facing criticism from liberals and abortion-rights groups, Biden on Thursday reversed his public stance on the Hyde Amendment, a law that prohibits federal funds for abortions. After 40 years of supporting the measure, Biden said this week that he now opposes it. Biden also rolled out a more progressive climate change plan than was previously expected.

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  • Jay Inslee Running For President To Avert Climate Change

    Jay Inslee joined the 2020 presidential race with the hope to deliver a $1.2 trillion plan. The new Democratic candidate wants to bring environmental justice to poor, polluted communities. According to the Huffington Post, Inslee has a comprehensive plan for climate change. His team has nearly 200 pages of policy, offering a way to cut emissions and avert climate catastrophe. This plan includes a way to generate 100 percent of electricity through renewable energy in about a decade.

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