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Benefits and features of the new Windows 10


Explore all the benefits and innovative features of the new Windows 10. The new OS represents a valuable change for SMB environment.

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  • It's About Time: How To Change The Time On Your MS Windows 10 Computer

    You may have any number of reasons for wanting to adjust the time in Windows 10, and Digital Trends is ready to lend a helping hand. First, head down to the search bar in the bottom left corner, and type in Settings. Once the Settings window opens, look for the Time & Language setting. Select to open a new window. The second step is to choose your automatic settings. Turn it on if you want the computer to take care of this for you, or off if you'd like to control the time and time zone yourself. In the Date & time section, you’ll also see a few other options for controlling how you view the time.

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  • Windows 10 migration benefits for VDI

    Realize the benefits of enhanced security, productivity and lower management costs and accelerate your digital transformation. For more information, please ...

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  • Spotify App To Arrive In Windows Store

    Microsoft announced Wednesday that it has recruited a popular app to join its Windows Store: the Spotify music streaming service. Now, Windows 10 users will be able to benefit from an automatically-updated store app for Spotify. The app will be available in all 60 countries where Spotify operates, and will have all of the same options, from custom playlists to suggestions of music you might like, along with both free and paying subscription options.

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  • Cortana Is Going To Learn How To Use Her Inside Voice

    Shouting out commands at your laptop is a lot of fun but there are occasions when typed input works better. TechRadar reports that apparently, Cortana's engineers have taken note. You can already type queries into Cortana on Windows 10. However, insiders say the digital assistant is soon going to work more like an instant messenger app. In other words, the experience would be more like it is with Google Assistant on mobile, where you have a back-and-forth text chat with the AI.

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  • Skype for Windows 10 Full Version Released

    On Wednesday, TechRadar reports that Microsoft has taken away the 'Preview' tag from the title in its latest version for Windows 10, making it a fully-fledged app that is no longer in testing. Microsoft is now comfortable enough for users to recommend Skype for Windows 10 as a fully functional application. The new version includes some new features as well, including support for Skype SMS, allowing users to send texts using Skype Credit .It has also made some changes to the interface, such as new keyboard shortcuts and a redesigned layout for group video calling.

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