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Behind The Scenes Of Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild


Nintendo's The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild is a piece of video game art. Proved by the newest mini-documentary that details the behind-the-scenes making of the game. Despite being annoyed at having to wait years to play this Zelda, it's hard to stay mad after seeing how much attention to detail Nintendo put into the game. In the works since 2013 (and encountering multiple delays), Breath of the Wild finally made its debut on earlier this month on March 3 with the Nintendo Switch. Breath of the Wild got top marks from CNET and is expected to play a large role in convincing people to buy the Switch -- which many see as an expensive console hybrid without enough games. This documentary could help drum up more support for the game and, by extension, the Switch. (Though the game is also available for the Wii U.) The documentary is split into three episodes, each detailing the production behind certain aspects of the game, such as character designs and graphics. If you're lucky enough to have played the game, you'll already have some idea of how expansive the new world is. But even if you have yet to play the game, this documentary promises to deepen your appreciation by showing off all the little details that went into the game's making.

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