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New Fiat 500 "la Prima" hatchback Driving Video


New Fiat 500 “la Prima” hatchback Range and charging times are two key issues for customers. The lithium-ion batteries with 42 kWh capacity give the New 500 a range of up to 320 km in the WLTP cycle.To optimize charging time, the New 500 enables DC fast charge at up to 85 kW, to recharge the battery very quickly. For example, it takes only 5 minutes to build up enough of an energy reserve to travel 50 kilometers, more than necessary for average daily use. And fast charge can also replenish the battery to 80% in just 35 minutes. The “Combo 2” smart socket located on the rear right side panel of the car enables both AC and DC charging. We call it a 'smart’ socket because of its programmable charging schedule and provision of feedback on the car’s charge status. Home charging solutions are also available.

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    In 1957 FIAT introduced the world to its small great car: the Fiat 500, the vehicle which would become an emblem of mass motorization and a true global ambassador of 'Made in Italy' production. To celebrate the passion and the worldwide love for the icon, FIAT is launching the new special limited-edition series ""Collezione 1957"" a collectors’ edition in only 1957 units. This limited-edition model is available for order starting today in selected European countries and Japan.The Fiat 500 Collezione 1957 stands out with its exquisite cabrio design and exclusive features. The exterior of this limited-edition model features a two-tone White Gelato and Rugiada Green bodywork with Beige capote, accentuated by the new Silver Beauty Line and 16"" White Diamond alloy wheels.The chrome mirror caps, and 1957 serigraphy 3rd light pay homage to the car's heritage, bridging the gap from 1957 to 2024. The interior is equally captivating, featuring ivory-wrapped seats with Frau Leather inserts and a distinctive ""ONE OF 1957"" embossed logo, a wooden dashboard, and a dedicated numbered plate on the central tunnel.This exclusive limited-edition is not just about aesthetics, but also incorporates chrome details, LED DRL, fog lights, and a 7"" TFT digital display as standard features. The connectivity options are elevated with MOPAR CONNECT, a feature which ensures safety, monitoring, and convenience for the customers. Equipped with a 1.0 Hybrid engine delivering 70 horsepower, coupled with a manual transmission for the European market, a 1.2-liter engine with 69 horsepower, and an MTA system for the Japanese one, the Fiat 500 Collezione 1957 is a timeless celebration of automotive craftsmanship and innovation.With more than 3.2 Million units sold worldwide since 2007, including over 2.7 million units in Europe, the Fiat 500 has always been the European leader in the city-car segment along with the Fiat Panda: in 2023, it is the second best-selling city car in Europe, following the Panda, with 109 thousand units sold and a market share of 20%. It is on the podium in the A segment in 9 countries: 1st in Germany, Spain, Austria, Belgium, and Portugal – 2nd in Italy and Poland, and 3rd in France and the UK.

    12/02/2024 - Auto Moto EN
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    Available as a 5-doors, the New Fiat 600e offers an impressive space habitability with its 5 seats and 15 liters of interior storage. Customers can store their personal items in the smart central tunnel – which comes with a customized cover pad and flexible cupholders for a comfortable break -, seat pockets and strategic front storage spaces. The trunk has also a generous size as it boasts 360 liters of load capacity.In addition to space versatility, the model feature great electric capability. The lithium-ion batteries with a capacity of 54 kWh give the New 600e a range of more than 400 km in the WLTP combined cycle and more than 600 km in the urban cycle, making the New Fiat 600e the ideal vehicle for both city daily use and weekend get aways.To optimize charging time, the New 600e is equipped with a 100-kW fast charger system to charge the battery very quickly. For example, it takes less than half an hour to charge the battery to 80%, about the same time needed to pack your car for a weekend away. The model also comes with a 11kW On Board Charger and a Mode 3 cable for charging at home or in public, which ensures a full charge in less than 6 hours.The engine has an output of 115 kW, providing acceleration from 0-100 km/h in 9.0 seconds. The New Fiat 600e gives you the choice: each customer can drive their own way, thanks to the inclusion of three driving modes – eco, normal, sport - which can be selected to match your driving style.A hybrid powertrain will complete the range offer by the mid of 2024.

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    FIAT continues to lead the way for sustainable urban mobility and presents the New Fiat 600e, a great addition to the Brand’s range that marks its return to the B-segment. And it does so by taking everything you love about the B-segment and upgrading it in every aspect: increased space, increased range, increased Dolce Vita feel. Simply put, the New Fiat 600e takes the best of the B and B-SUV worlds to offer a beautiful, joyful, and pampered driving experience.Following the success of its predecessor and best-seller the Fiat 600 from the ‘50s, also renowned as the family mover, the New Fiat 600e places itself in the heart of the fast-growing B segment.The New Fiat 600e represents the ideal solution for both city lovers and outdoor enthusiasts and is the perfect embodiment of the brand's values of Italian style and sustainability. It’s cool and beautiful, it has a generous size of 4,17 meters length with a comfortable roominess for 5, it’s best in class front storage, it boasts an electric range of more than 400km (WLTP combined cycle) and more than 600 km in the city (WLTP urban cycle) and offers state-of-the-art safety features.Available in 2 different full-electric versions, New Fiat 600e La Prima and New Fiat (600e)RED, it is a family friendly solution to fully experience pure Italian Dolce Vita, with an eye to the environment and a care for social causes.

    12/07/2023 - Auto Moto EN
  • New Fiat (500)RED Driving Video

    The New (500)RED is the hero of the evening, created in collaboration between FIAT and (RED) with a shared message to care for the environment, for the planet and for its people.From the belief that we can all play our part in the fight against pandemics and that each of us can therefore lead the change comes an unusual decision in the automotive landscape, to have the driver’s seat one color – red – with the other three passenger seats in black. A provocation, a message, an invitation: be 'ready’ to sit in the driving seat of change. For those who prefer uniformity of color, the model is also available with the seats all black and the contrasting (500)RED logo, or all in red with a black logo.FIAT aims to convey the (RED) message to the broadest possible audience, so the special series is now available across the entire 500 Family: the New (500)RED, (500)RED, (500X)RED and (500L)RED will therefore take on the color red as a hallmark, both outside (from the bodywork and logos to the mirror caps and design cues on the alloy wheels) and in (dashboard fascia, design cues on the floor mats, and the exclusive seats made using Seaqual yarn, derived from plastics recovered from the oceans, with the FIAT signature and the (500)RED logo on the backrest). Red will not be the only color in the (RED) special series; the palette of body colors actually includes other specific shades for each model.

    01/10/2021 - Auto Moto EN
  • The new Fiat 500X & 500 Yachting Driving Video

    Freedom, joie de vivre and a spirit of optimism accompany the start of the new summer season. The Italian expression Dolce Vita literally describes the feeling of enjoying life and rediscovering the joy of small and large things: the sweet life. The origins of the Dolce Vita go back to the 1950s and 60s, when Rome and Cortina, Portofino and Capri were the scene of the international jet set that met in these places to seek relaxation under the sign of elegance and Italian style. This feeling is conveyed by the new Fiat 500X Yachting, a new body shape of the model, with an electric soft top for the right open air feeling. At the start of the new variant, the “Yacht Club Capri” special series will be launched first, inspired by the flair of luxurious sailing yachts. This special model is available for both Fiat 500X Yachting and Fiat 500C.

    08/07/2021 - Auto Moto EN