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Nicaraguans stranded on Costa Rica border get COVID-19 tests


Peñas Blancas, Jul 31 (EFE/EPA).- Around 300 Nicaraguans stranded on the Costa Rica border were tested for COVID-19 on Friday using kits donated by Costa Rican organizations.Some 500 Nicaraguans have been in limbo at the border for two weeks as their government refused to allow them to return to their country after they lost their jobs in Costa Rica during the pandemic.(Camera: DOUGLAS MARIN)FOOTAGE SHOWS NICARAGUANS GETTING TESTED FOR COVID 19 IN THE BORDER BETWEEN COSTA RICA AND NICARAGUA. SOUNDBITES: LAURA BRENES (IN SPANISH) (00:02:27-00:02:43) This is an act of solidarity and humanity towards these people who are on the border so that the immigration situation can be resolved soon.

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