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Freelancers Are In A Tight Spot, But There Are Still Ways To Keep Cash Coming In


As the pandemic drives the US economy inexorably into the ditch, many freelancers, gig workers, and self-employed Americans find work is dwindling. But according to Business Insider, there are ways to bring more money through the door--or at least, ways to keep less of it flowing out. Financial planner Ben Henry-Moreland says to start by looking at your own wallet. Where can you cut your spending? Negotiate with creditors, and chase late payers. Make adjustments to your health insurance to reduce your premiums, adjust your estimated quarterly tax payments downwards. Keep up with government programs and what's available. As one program ends, another may begin. You may be overlooking state or county programs, too. Finally, reach out to your network of friends and colleagues for job leads, client referrals, and advice on how to pivot your business to this new pandemic world.

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