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Cher Describes Her Workout Secrets As "Kinda Nerdy"


72-year-old Cher looks young beyond her years. She shared her workout secret with Extra. The Grammy, Emmy, and Oscar winner confessed, “It’s kinda nerdy, but I love it.” Cher credits her ability to stay young in the entertainment industry across the span of six decades to keeping it simple. She does “two or three minutes every day” of planking and also enjoys Zumba. Cher also added, "“I have a Power Plate and I work on that.” The icon is just a few months away from being celebrated at the Kennedy Center Honors, an event that President Trump plans to skip. Cher told Extra, "I feel really honored to receive it and I feel really happy he won’t be there.” Cher is set to release a new album called “Dancing Queen” on September 28.

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