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Taco Bell Giving Away a Platinum Limited Edition Xbox One X Bundle


Feast your eyes, gamers, because the stunning platinum Xbox One X is up for grabs. So prepare those tummies (and those butts), because we foresee a lot of Taco Bell in your future. According to Xbox Wire, the bundle won't just come with the shiny new color scheme. But also will have the traditional Taco Bell "ring" sound at the start up. Also included is three months of the Xbox Game Pass and an Xbox Gold membership, as well as an Xbox Elite Controller in the glacier white. The promotion begins on October 18 and will run all the way until November 21. Hope you like Chalupas, because in order to enter a purchase of the 5 dollar Double Chalupa Box is required. From there, text in the unique code where Taco Bell will randomly select winners every 10 minutes.

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