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Henry Cavill's Team Addresses Man Of Steel Sequel Rumors


The Superman rumor mill is flying high this week, with various reports suggesting some issues keeping Henry Cavill from participating in a sequel to 2013's Man of Steel. You need to be careful about who you believe however, as some of this "news" is already being discredited by much more reputable sources. On Tuesday, Revenge of the Fans published a report saying that the hangup with Man of Steel 2 was entirely on the shoulders of Cavill and his teams "demands.

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    Those hoping that Batman V. Superman: Dawn of Justice was a direct sequel to Man of Steel are out of luck. As Henry Cavill, the actor the behind Warner Bros.’ blue tights, recently confirmed, next year’s superhero slugfest will wear many hats—though none of them will be Superman’s. Cavill told Entertainment Weekly, “As far as the individual character is concerned, this is not a Superman sequel." That’s a little surprising, considering that Superman heavyweights like Lois Lane, Perry White, and—you know—Lex Luthor will round out Batman V. Superman’s cast.

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