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Driver rams French airport terminal before runway chase


French police arrest a man Monday following a high-speed chase on the runway at Lyon airport after the driver rammed his car into the terminal and drove through the building. IMAGES OF AIRPORT TERMINAL

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    One very inebriated man named Ruslan Nigmatullin did a very stupid thing as he tried to evade the police during a car chase in Russia's Kazan. He drove onto the grounds of an airport and got himself boxed in between the terminal and his pursuers. With no where else to turn, the drunk 40 year old decided to try to smash into the airport building and repeatedly rammed the glass doors leading to a terminal of the Kazan International Airport on Wednesday night. Nigmatullin finally broke through the dooor and his car swerved into the baggage claim, only stopping after he crashed into a small restaurant. He also tore down an auto barrier, hit some vehicles in a parking lot and caused more damage inside the terminal. No one was injured in the incident and police detained the driver. The airport's cost of damages is estimated at 6 million rubles, or nealy 100 thousand dollars. Credit: kazanreporter.ru

    23/12/2016 - RT Ruptly EN
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    A 31-year old man rammed into a fence in Lyon international airport after entering the runway. Dozens of police and security officers on cars, motorcycles and even a helicopter took part in the operation. The offender left the car and attempted to flee the scene, but was eventually detained by security officers and arrested. No casualties were reported. The incident disrupted the airport’s schedule and led to the cancellation of dozens of flights.

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