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Is Affleck In Kevin Smith's New Movie?


Kevin Smith and Ben Affleck used to be good friends. They had a falling out years ago. Smith has a new movie coming out. The movie is a new 'Jay and Silent Bob' film. The trailer for the film is premiering at Comic Con. There is a rumor that Affleck is playing himself in the upcoming movie. Smith tweeted about the trailer's premiere. The tweet was liked by Ben Affleck, who also wrote "Snoochie boochies!"

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    There's reportedly a Batman film trilogy coming soon, and filmmaker, Batman fan and Ben Affleck friend Kevin Smith wants in. He said that he'd like to see an adaptation of Frank Miller's The Dark Knight Returns, directed by Mad Max's George Miller. "Now, this is a great combination of material and filmmaker," he said. "The man can direct....Give the story of the old Batman to the 70-year-old director who made the amazing-looking Fury Road. It's a no-brainer." He suggested further that he might reach back out to Batman and Robin's George Clooney, saying that he's got a better Batman in him and it could be interesting to see him try to redeem what happened before.

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